N. S. Soti Law, College, Sangli
NAAC Reaccredited 'B' with 2.88 marks, Permanent Affiliation of Shivaji University,

Future Plans

  • To start virtual class rooms.
  • To start Research Centre.
  • New Diploma courses in I.P.R. and Law & Forensic Medicine.
  • Collaboration with Police Department regarding Cyber Crime Investigation.
  • Getting associated with certain Law Firms when we can call for services in our College.
  • Allowing infrastructure to be used by some LPO company - to start with at least one company who can have exclusive tie-up with College and College will provide infrastructure to this LPO company for starting up the set up and also this company will hire law graduates from our College only in Sangli.
  • To start Diploma Course in Foreign Language.
  • Instead of State Level Moot Court Competition, we will start National Level Moot Court Competition.
  • Included Continuous Internal Assessment System- Major Syllabus Revision.